regeneration: before & now


head count in the garden

I took a count of all the veggies & herbs we have growing in the permaculture garden at Maru a Pula school.  It’s growing strong, with some animals snacking on a few of the veggies, which we will have to find a solution for.  Perhaps putting netting over the plants would be a good idea. … Continue reading

wednesday afternoon = walk to the mythological birthsite of the tswana people

i sat at the computer this afternoon when lucy came home with her friend, a traditional healer from south africa. they were off on an adventure to mochudi to see footprints of the earliest people in botswana. intrigued, i joined them. we drive up the A1 just past mochudi to matsieng, the footprints site. a … Continue reading

Growing Veg & Herbs in Southern Africa

Botswana is hot, dry, and sandy; hardly an ideal place to grow produce.  Zimbabwe, our neighbor to the east, was known for years as the breadbasket of Africa because of its fertile land and friendly growing climate.  Botswana might as well be as far from Zim as Kenny G is from real jazz, considering the … Continue reading