Zimbabwe and Mugabe

(much of this post i wrote for a different blog back in March or so) I recently read a book by journalist Heidi Holland, Dinner with Mugabe. Holland presents an intelligent, in-depth look at Mugabe through interviews with people he was in close contact. What happened to this man, everyone is wondering. He started off … Continue reading

350 three fifty 350

have you heard about 350?  according to a group of reputable scientists, it’s the upper limit of the atmospheric concentration of CO2 that will allow earth to remain stable for years to come.  in other words, if we keep the amount of CO2 in the air to 350 parts per million or lower, then climate … Continue reading

International Permaculture Convergence & Conference, Malawi, 2009

IPC9 is being held in southern Africa this month and next.  The theme is “Plan Africa~ Food & Empowerment.”  On Thursday I am traveling to Fambidzanai in Zimbabwe to take a Permaculture Design Course for 2 weeks, then on to Lilongwe, Malawi for 5 days of the convergence and conference.  Interestingly, to attend the conference, … Continue reading

smashing plates and chongololo

i came home last night from a greek party in gaborone where bellydancers with lit silver candelabras perched on their heads danced between tables.  i saw the greek lady there who sells plants at riverwalk on the weekends.  the same lady who asked yasemin if she was greek.  when she told her she was turkish, … Continue reading

is there such thing as too much green?

http://www.flickr.com/photos/prentissdarden to see images up close

first garden-to-plate meal!

Yesterday I harvested the first batch of veg & herbs from the garden and sent it in to the kitchen ladies who prepared us an amazingly delicious bacon and avo salad.  Spinach, parsley, dill, and spring onions went into the salad and dressing.  It was a hit~ lots of people remarked on how delicious it … Continue reading

*~*~first harvest for the school kitchen~*~*

Tomorrow will be the first time that our homegrown produce will be incorporated into the school meal~ very exciting.  Available are spinach and herbs, so the kitchen ladies will be preparing a bacon, avocado, and spinach salad with herbs from the garden, as well as steamed spinach for baked potatoes.  Spring onions and parsley have … Continue reading

and a sunday

This morning I went to the Buddhist Temple down a dirt road not far from my house.  A yoga class is held at the outdoor temple Sunday mornings.  The temple is an all white structure, with simple columns, white tiled floor, and a white ceiling overhead.  On this particular morning, Lucy leads a class for … Continue reading

a regular saturday in gabs

today was like many saturdays i’ve spent in gaborone.  i am either in the garden or on a mountain bike racing through the bush along red sand paths lined with vicious thorn trees that always draw blood.  this morning i woke up, fixed yogurt with fruit and tea for breakfast, washed some dishes, then hoisted … Continue reading


I arrived in southern Africa in January of this year.  After 7 months, I took a trip home to the states to visit friends & family.  Now I’m back, stoked to be here during springtime with fragrant flowers and mild days, rolling into the unrelenting yet beloved sun of summertime.  While I was home, I … Continue reading