a regular saturday in gabs

today was like many saturdays i’ve spent in gaborone.  i am either in the garden or on a mountain bike racing through the bush along red sand paths lined with vicious thorn trees that always draw blood.  this morning i woke up, fixed yogurt with fruit and tea for breakfast, washed some dishes, then hoisted myself into my lifted truck (and i used to laugh at the boys in alabama with their muddy, lifted trucks) and drove to the garden to do some work.

a couple of the grounds crew joined me today.  while they prepared three beds for planting next week, i weeded the entire border of the mandala garden.  thankfully the sky was overcast and a breeze kept it cool.  the mulberry tree’s boughs are heavy with berries and foliage.  we snacked on its fruit before and after work.  before the three of us disbanded, i brought over a pair of clippers for the two to harvest some produce.  we exchanged food tips.  they told me about how they prepare cabbage- boiled then sauteed with onions- and i suggested using parsley in salad or cooked veggies.  i showed sam the dill that is growing out of control, and he said it would be nice cooked up with meat and bones.  yes it would, yum!

Mandala Garden, June 2009

Mandala Garden, June 2009

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