Wash Basin Project in Nsumbi Village, Malawi

Here is the nearly-finished project, lacking only fruit trees & fence which were put in over the next two days.

I was one day from leaving Malawi when Tinus from Mufasa Monkey Bay told me about one of his many bright ideas of projects to do for the community in Monkey Bay.  The site where they are building their lodge, which is currently a rustic campsite smack dab in nature and full of character, used to be frequented by locals as a spot to do laundry.  Those people come from homes without running water to wash clothes in the lake.  Not only is it a matter of inconvenience having to haul loads of laundry several kilometers to wash, the detergents also kill life in the lake.  A lot of families are dependent on fish for their livelihoods.  Tinus told me about the design for the wash basins, the idea being to ease the labor of washing clothes as well as decrease pollution in the lake.  I contacted the extraordinary and wonderful Carmen Mauk at Burners Without Borders who was happy to fund the project.  2 months later, during a forex crisis and fuel and cement shortage, the basins were completed.  I’ve posted some photos and description on my flickr site: www.flickr.com/photos/prentissdarden and will have a story written about the experience to post here.

Some of the ladies and gents that participated in the realization of this project. The holes around the pit bed are there to plant fruit trees.

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