article: permaculturalists respond to haiti

This article is about how permaculture makes a lot of sense in disaster relief situations.  One of the main points of permaculture is that there is no waste, and that the products of one living system can fill the needs of another.  The example given in this article is that sewage waste can be used to fertilize food gardens.

“The real promise of permaculture is in providing systems that can sustain themselves beyond the redevelopment period. Like renewable energy, they are approaches that can help rebuild Haiti on firmer footings.”

I also suggest perusing Evan Schoepke’s blog:  He has masses of information about permaculture around the world and permaculture as a transformative disaster relief response.  He lives in the northwest US (my favorite) and is a student at Evergreen.

Below are before and after photos of a Macedonian refugee camp where the UN High Commission on Refugees worked with the Permaculture Research Institute after the Kosovo crisis.  (Photo credited to article)

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