new project! organic gardening with orphans & vulnerable children

Today the lovely miss Lila Pavey escorted Colleen and I to a little village called Mochudi about 30 minutes out of town.  Stepping Stones International has a center where orphans and vulnerable children, ages 12-18, come after school for activities and counseling.  They had an organic garden going awhile ago, but the momentum dropped and now sad looking beds have sprouted only a few weeds.  They’ve been looking for someone to bring it back and I am so happy to get involved with kids who need some good things happening in their lives.

Based in Utah, Stepping Stones received an award last October for “greatest non-profit serving youth in the mountain region” of the states.  Speaking with a Motswana lady named Tiny today, I learned that she started the organization along with the current MD under a tree in Mochudi, picking up and dropping off the children in her small sedan.  These ladies clearly love the children of Mochudi and really have something special going on.

Next door a catholic church has donated a plot of fenced land which has been cleared and is ready to be designed.  I’m looking forward to working some permaculture magic with the youth at Stepping Stones and turn it from bare red sand to shades of green in a few months.  Photos coming soon.

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