just another day…

This morning, as I was driving out the dirt road towards Rurestse to Green Gem nursery, I passed by a truck full of workers in blue jackets.  This is a regular sight.  It’s a crew of workers hitching a ride out to someone’s farm or construction site to work for the day, wearing the blue … Continue reading

Stepping Stones Edible Garden

As I mentioned in a previous post, Stepping Stones is a great organization in Botswana that has an after school program for youth in a village outside of town. Most of the kids who attend are orphans and vulnerable children. Stepping Stones offers tutoring, drama, and business development, among other activities. They put on a … Continue reading

Earth Hour ::: A Symbol to Flip the Switch to Clean Energy

March 27th, 8:30, wherever you are, is an hour to turn the lights off to join millions of people around the world in making a statement about the urgency of climate change. For all of you naysayers- even IF the greenhouse gasses we produce are not causing climate change, they still have very significant impacts … Continue reading

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Where is the largest landfill in the world?  It’s in the northern Pacific Ocean, amidst the largest expanse of ocean on the planet.  There are 5 gyres in the world: north and south Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and the Indian ocean.  The Great Garbage Patch is found in the northern Pacific gyre.  It is thought … Continue reading

infertility in botswana

A couple of weeks ago, Rebecca Upton gave a presentation of her 15 years of medical anthropology research in Botswana regarding infertility.  She is an American researcher who was invited to speak in Gaborone by Kathleen Toomey, the current director of BOTUSA, the partnership between the Center for Disease Control and the government of Botswana. … Continue reading

~Many thanks to BurnersWithoutBorders~

Burners Without Borders has been so wonderful in supporting my projects while I’ve been in Africa.  Although the full story was posted here, you can also find a BWB-fitted, slightly different take on the project at: http://blog.burnerswithoutborders.org/?p=581 BWB is “facilitating creative, out of the box solutions that grow community and culture.”  Become a fan on … Continue reading