Summer Gardens at Maru a Pula

The organic vegetable and herb garden is alive and well at Maru a Pula School.  Term 3 has begun, and the Monday and Thursday groups have some healthy competition going on to see who grows the best garden in 8 weeks.  My suspicion is the winning group will come down to those who water, given that the temperatures will be high and the air dry for the rest of the term.

In addition to the student gardens, Itumelang is helping us cultivate food to send off to hungry families in Naledi and Gabane through the school’s feeding program. We are growing choumolier, onions, and tomatoes for these families.  Other students at the school are creating a garden at the Botswana Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, so next week we will plant seeds to grow seedlings for them.

Thursday’s group has some students returning for the third term in a row: Rishabh, Deep, and Anjaney!  Some new students have joined as well, including Nayana and Neo.  They have planted choumolier, green peppers, squash, and spinach.  Monday’s group has some returning students like Ovini and Tamsyn, also joined by new students Tatenda, Daniel, and Weidong.  Monday’s group has planted eggplant, beetroot, spinach, and choumolier.  Tatenda showed up to water last week with 4 of her friends, so Thursday’s group better stay on their watering if they want to have a chance at winning!


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