Celebrating 2 Years of the Green Drive at Maru a Pula School

This week we had a two day celebration to commemorate the two years of work done at the school in the way of environmental initiatives.  The atmosphere was lively, with DJs spinning South African house music, a raffle for eco-friendly prizes, and face painting.  There were booths set up by eco-friendly businesses and organizations from town including Mokolodi Indigenous Nursery, Leaf Environmental Solutions, Somareleng Tikologo (Botswana’s #1 environmental organization), and BMS selling eco-friendly school and office supplies.  Additionally, the Eco Warriors planted 5 fruit trees, 4 guava and 1 mango, in the permaculture garden.  We were  able to throw the celebration because of a generous donation from Choppie’s grocery chain.  Big thanks to everyone who was involved!

Eco Warriors plant guava and mango trees in the permaculture garden.

Here are a few things we have accomplished through the Green Drive during the past two years:

Created and sustained an organic permaculture garden, growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs to give to hungry families via the school’s feeding program.  We have recently started sending deliveries of food to families in Gabane and Old Naledi.

Cleaned up the orchard so that the citrus trees are more productive.

Created a grey water pond with water-cleaning plants to recycle laundry water to irrigate the citrus trees.

Bolstered the forgotten Recycling Program.  Created the main recycling depot and 5 collection points on campus: Tuck Shop, EcoBusac, Girls’ and Boys’ Boarding Houses, and the Kitchen.  Each point has color-coded and labeled bins for recycling paper, glass, cans, and plastics.

Student design contest for signs to hang above the recycling bins at the Tuck Shop and EcoBusac.

Student clean-up of the stock dam, one of the school’s green spaces.

One Response to “Celebrating 2 Years of the Green Drive at Maru a Pula School”
  1. Ruthie says:

    Congratulations on two fruitful years. Keep the faith!

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