Ways to Save the Planet, by MAP students

Students at Maru a Pula School

While still at Maru a Pula school, I held a contest to see who could come up with the most number of ways to Save The Planet.  The 3 winners had between 20-30 reasons and I was very impressed with those students!  Props to Hamzah, Gogontlegang, and Deep for their good work.  Some of the usual suspects:

Make your own garden and compost bin, use energy saving bulbs, use cloth napkins, plant trees, use public transport or ride a bicycle, line dry your laundry, have a five minute shower not a five hour shower, unplug all unused electrical appliances, reuse glass jars, reuse paper, and use less plastic bags.

I stumbled across less conventional answers too:

Resort to french kisses.  Oxygen shared among two is better than wasted by one. [You are truly an eco warrior, Lesego]

And some people love to teach the teacher (I was also one of those students):

This piece of cardboard giving directions for the raffle could be used by a homeless guy who actually needs something!

To make all these prizes you needed to produce harmful gases.  And that could affect the green house effect even more.

Hopefully those two students saw the recycling and reusing of materials that was going on.  Good thing is, they are thinking.

Stay Green.

One Response to “Ways to Save the Planet, by MAP students”
  1. Ruthie says:

    Great to hear your efforts to go green in Botswana are continuing! You’ve inspired these kids to think about their environment, and , hopefully, their interest will continue and be passed along after you’ve gone on to graduate school. Not too sure how the clever french kiss listing fits in – saving spit, maybe?

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