Visualizing Information: Hydrofield, by Travis Bost

“The Pig Goes Down the Python” — Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Summer 2011 Making information digestible is an art and sometimes the outcome actually is art.  Travis Bost is a graduate student in landscape architecture and the author of an installation that shows the fluctuations in the levels of the Mississippi River, over one year … Continue reading

The American Front Lawn

Growing up in various intown Atlanta neighborhoods, I was accustomed to single family houses with open front yards that connected one plot to the next for the entire length of the street.  Walking down Oakdale Road, there is a sense of openness and connectivity between homes and their front yards.  If there is a fence, … Continue reading

Ways to Save the Planet, by MAP students

While still at Maru a Pula school, I held a contest to see who could come up with the most number of ways to Save The Planet.  The 3 winners had between 20-30 reasons and I was very impressed with those students!  Props to Hamzah, Gogontlegang, and Deep for their good work.  Some of the … Continue reading

Earth Hour ::: A Symbol to Flip the Switch to Clean Energy

March 27th, 8:30, wherever you are, is an hour to turn the lights off to join millions of people around the world in making a statement about the urgency of climate change. For all of you naysayers- even IF the greenhouse gasses we produce are not causing climate change, they still have very significant impacts … Continue reading

Bring It On: Sustainability to an African School

The Green Drive at Maru a Pula School began February 2009 and I’m thankful to have been involved from the beginning.  The Green Drive was spearheaded by Ms Lucy Dixon Clarke with her tireless attempt to bring eco-consciousness and behavioral change to the school.  Coming to Africa, the thing I wanted to do most was … Continue reading

paradigmatic shift in international politics

What is a paradigm?  According to Merriam-Webster it is: a philosophical and theoretical framework of a scientific school or discipline within which theories, laws, and generalizations and the experiments performed in support of them are formulated;broadly : a philosophical or theoretical framework of any kind Paradigm shift currently is a popular topic across many disciplines … Continue reading

350 three fifty 350

have you heard about 350?  according to a group of reputable scientists, it’s the upper limit of the atmospheric concentration of CO2 that will allow earth to remain stable for years to come.  in other words, if we keep the amount of CO2 in the air to 350 parts per million or lower, then climate … Continue reading