to desert moonscapes, the skeleton coast, and back.

This trip was about visiting our friend Joseph, who Ty and I met in Harare, Zimbabwe last October during a permaculture design course.  Joseph is from the San bushmen, lives in Namibia, and works with people in his communities to create food gardens in the Khalahari Desert. Ty and I sat on the front stoop … Continue reading

afternoon conversations under a green leafed canopy on a humid summer’s day in malawi

Parables of Malawian people are carved into the massive wooden doors that open onto the stone patio at June Walkers home.  We sit in chairs at a table across from a chorus of mixed plants in various sized pots gathering around the midsection of a tree.  We sit elevated, as if on a platform in … Continue reading

exploring namibia: joseph and the san bushmen

*photos credited to ty burns* I have just returned from a 25 day road trip with a good friend, Ty Burns, into the wilds of Namibia.  The impetus of the trip was to visit our friend Joseph who we met at a Permaculture Design Course last October in Harare, Zimbabwe.  Joseph is from the San … Continue reading

~Many thanks to BurnersWithoutBorders~

Burners Without Borders has been so wonderful in supporting my projects while I’ve been in Africa.  Although the full story was posted here, you can also find a BWB-fitted, slightly different take on the project at: BWB is “facilitating creative, out of the box solutions that grow community and culture.”  Become a fan on … Continue reading

it’s more like a short story than a blog post… Nsumbi Village Project Nov09-Jan10

I traveled from Botswana to Malawi to attend the 9th International Permaculture Convergence & Conference during November 2009.  Malawi is a tiny country encompassing the southernmost portion of the Great Rift Valley in Africa.  A large portion of its territory is a fresh water lake, which many people depend on for fish and their livelihoods.  … Continue reading

liwonde, malawi

under african skys Originally uploaded by Dara Mulhern Click on photo for better view.  Scroll down for writing about this place.

city life in lilongwe

The second to last night I was in Lilongwe, I was accompanied by the usual suspects out on the balcony of Mufasa, having a few drinks and talking talk.  We would go down to Diplomats later, the local bar, and play a few games of pool and have a couple of greens.  In Malawi, a … Continue reading

Liwonde National Park, Malawi

In southern Malawi there is a park known as Liwonde.  We drive into the park the night of Halloween, having seen not a single costume that day, but instead: roadside markets with neatly stacked piles of tiny shiny fish, buckets of dry beans, oil in reused plastic bottles, mangoes and custard apples, the Zambezi river, … Continue reading

headlines from news in malawi

Malawi Experiences a Foreign Exchange Crisis Arriving in Lilongwe, we pull up in John’s pick up to the International Permaculture Convergence and Conference- IPC9.  We get settled in, enjoy an incredibly tasty meal, and begin to connect with others who have arrived in Malawi to discuss the way forward with permaculture.  Staying at Kumbali Lodge … Continue reading

Wash Basin Project in Nsumbi Village, Malawi

I was one day from leaving Malawi when Tinus from Mufasa Monkey Bay told me about one of his many bright ideas of projects to do for the community in Monkey Bay.  The site where they are building their lodge, which is currently a rustic campsite smack dab in nature and full of character, used … Continue reading