just another day…

This morning, as I was driving out the dirt road towards Rurestse to Green Gem nursery, I passed by a truck full of workers in blue jackets.  This is a regular sight.  It’s a crew of workers hitching a ride out to someone’s farm or construction site to work for the day, wearing the blue … Continue reading

headlines from news in malawi

Malawi Experiences a Foreign Exchange Crisis Arriving in Lilongwe, we pull up in John’s pick up to the International Permaculture Convergence and Conference- IPC9.  We get settled in, enjoy an incredibly tasty meal, and begin to connect with others who have arrived in Malawi to discuss the way forward with permaculture.  Staying at Kumbali Lodge … Continue reading

Zimbabwe and Mugabe

(much of this post i wrote for a different blog back in March or so) I recently read a book by journalist Heidi Holland, Dinner with Mugabe. Holland presents an intelligent, in-depth look at Mugabe through interviews with people he was in close contact. What happened to this man, everyone is wondering. He started off … Continue reading